Hall and Ensom

Sudeley Castle

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  • Grade I listed castle.
  • Complete maintenance inspection
  • Long-term maintenance plan
  • Refurbishment of estate cottages

Securing the castle's future

Hall and Ensom have been providing building surveying services to Sudeley Castle Limited over a number of years.  We were initially commissioned to undertake a complete maintenance inspection of the Grade 1 listed castle to facilitate the planning and prioritising of future maintenance works.

The family are anxious to ensure the long term viability of the Castle and want to secure its future for many years to come.  Our planned maintenance programme is based on the established principles of limited intervention and conservation techniques with maintenance directed to those areas that are in most need.

It is important to balance the understandable desire for renewal of certain decayed elements against maintaining the historical context and atmosphere apparent to all who visit the castle.


Ongoing plan of maintenance

sudeley2 250Since then we have provided further assistance including:-
  • Refurbishment of estate cottages
  • Design of improved visitor facilities
  • Feasibility studies on use of internal spaces.
  • Advice on safety to roofing works
  • Building surveying advice on general matters